"Rosie" Oil on panel 16" x 24" 2020


"Beau" Oil on panel 16" x 24" 2020

Drury's portrait work combines the realism of his classical training and the subtle storytelling of his narrative work. Never straightforward, each piece is unique. Every portrait is a custom crafted, bespoke masterpiece with precise attention to detail and skilled hand. These pieces take time and require advance consultation, so please inquire if you'd like to set your appointment.

Drury Bynum grew up in the Deep South and was introduced to art by his Aunt, who made paintings of swamps. Her attention to detail in everything from the plant and animal life to the algae-covered water made a huge impression on him.

This launched his pursuit of drawing and painting with an intense focus on realism that continues today. School honed his practice of figurative naturalism and landscape painting and later introduced personal narrative as a way to explore themes inspired by his interest in film.

A recent exercise in portraiture renewed Drury’s passion for realism, where he is currently exploring ways to honor classical techniques with modern subject matter.

drury bynum portrait artist